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'At TraderCafe, we are comitted at making forex trading accessible and understandable to everyone through a monitored risk approach.'


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Welcome to TraderCafe, the place to be for the beginner and intermediate forex trader looking for a convergence of signals, third party recommendations and much more...

On a daily basis, you will see our signals tracking results and you will also discover our new third party recommendations associated with our exclusive indicator (for free). At TraderCafe.NET, you will take part in our current development process of forex added value tools.

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You will see here some trades part of our signals service. (Recently Closed or still open)
Signals listed here are generated by TraderCafe.NET experienced traders.

We paused our subscription services for the last 3 months to test new systems we will launch in january. LO source trades will be included (see below). Price will be set to a very low fee and a free service will be made available during the first quarter (one trade a week at max).

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Gathered, analysed and synthesized by TraderCafe.NET team, a selection of some popular - Third party forex market recommendations - are provided to our visitors. associated with our custom proprietary confidence level (what's this?)


Third Parties recommendations...

Please read the disclaimer!

These trades are not generated by us and are not part of our signals service but provided in our free reco newsletter(not in the monthly one) when indicator is confident (the indicator is added by our team).
Results when indicator equal or greater than =+653 pips
(since 27th Feb 2008,3 closed trades)

SourceTime(GMT) RecommendationIndicatorResults

Acceptable confidence level...
EW20th March 01:30PMLimit Short NZD/USD
@0.8049 SL 0.8180(0.8049)*
TP 0.7600
(Closed on 14th May)

Confidence level too low...
LO14th October 12:55pmLong EUR/USD
@1.3565 SL 1.3485 TP 1.3885

LO17th October 12:42pmLong EUR/USD
@1.3315 SL 1.3230 TP 1.37

LO07th November 05:12pmLong EUR/USD
@1.2730 SL 1.2640 TP 1.2920

LO20th November 01:32pmShort EUR/USD
@1.2590 SL 1.2665 TP 1.2425

LO02nd December 01:35pmShort EUR/USD
@1.2790 SL 1.2875 TP 1.2440

LO11th December 01:48pmLong EUR/USD
@1.3065 SL 1.3025 TP 1.3340

(*) Stop moved on breakeven once 1/2 profit target reached or when specified.
(**) Updated
'Without proper risk management, a high degree of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.'
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